COMPARIS – Price Comparison WooCommerce Plugin (eCommerce) Download

COMPARIS is a Price Comparison wordpress plugin built with woocommerce

with COMPARIS you can easily add a list of items into your site structure them per category / sub-category and brands so that users can use your site to benchmark & even buy their ideal item based on a set of criteria / filters which instantly illustrate the results as a listing and optionally a map.

The main features of COMPARIS include the following:

  1. Built with WooCommerce
  2. Responsive design & better compatible with twitter bootstrap based theme -tested with “twenty fourteen” & “twenty thirteen theme”
  3. Advanced filtering with search keywords, category, brand & Specification
  4. Compare between same type of product
  5. Buy product directly from the store
  6. Product category and sub category listing up to second level
  7. Brand listing listing product by specific brand
  8. upload category, sub-category icon / image and brand logo image

Products listing

Price Comparison Page

Item Pagedu


Download COMPARIS – Price Comparison WooCommerce Plugin (eCommerce)

- COMPARIS – Price Comparison WooCommerce Plugin (eCommerce) Download
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