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equiMargin is a jQuery Plugin that will automatically smooth out the horizontal spacing between HTML elements by adjusting their CSS margins (left and right). You set a minimum margin that is allowable between the elements and the plugin does the rest. equiMargin also lets you set the vertical spacing for the rows (in case the set of elements wraps), the vertical positioning of the elements relative to each other, and how far down the DOM tree you want equiMargin to work. If you so desire, equiMargin can work its magic on your entire page with just one line of code.

equiMargin is also very light. The minified version is smaller than most HTML pages.

Best of all, equiMargin is incredibly simple to use. One line of code is all that is necessary.

Example: $(’#element’).equiMargin();


Download equiMargin jQuery Plugin (Miscellaneous)

- equiMargin jQuery Plugin (Miscellaneous) Download
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