Sticky Notes (Miscellaneous) Download

ngStickyNotes is an easy to use Angular component that stores notes in a sticky notes manner.
Just add ngStickyNotes directives in your markup where you want to render this component:

<ng-sticky-notes> Renders Component

<ng-sticky-notes-new> Renders Add Button

<ng-sticky-notes-clean> Renders Clean Button

Or easily customize this component for your project needs. Update “variables.scss” to specify fonts and colors, make your own buttons to Add/Clean notes using API events. Add more colors for sticky notes just specifying your own color palette in the “colorsPaletteProvider”. And provide translations for different languages, because this component supports i18n localization.

Find more details in file in the project root.


Download Sticky Notes (Miscellaneous)

- Sticky Notes (Miscellaneous) Download
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