WooCommerce FBA Inventory Sync (Integrations) Download

An easy way to synchronise Inventory from FBA into your WooCommerce Store

WP cron based bulk automatic recurring sync

Inventory is updated based on SKU


Features :

  • Sync inventory from amazon fba into woocommerce
  • Inventory is synced based on SKU
  • Sync is fully optimized
  • Scheduled inventory sync using wp cron. Cron frequency can be hourly, twice a day and one a day.
  • Amazon MWS API credentials can be verified on settings page
  • Help Tab to help admin getting MWS API credentials.

How to Configure?

You need to install and activate the plugin. Then you will see a admin setting page named “TM Amazon FBA” under woocommerce menu.Under “General Settings” tab, you need to set your FBA credentials. Enable inventory sync from “Inventory Sync Settings”.

Check screenshots if you face any other problems in configuring the plugin

That’s all you need to get going.


Download WooCommerce FBA Inventory Sync (Integrations)

- WooCommerce FBA Inventory Sync (Integrations) Download
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