WP Push Notifications Pro (WordPress) Download

WP Push Notifications pro is plugin to send push notifications message on both android and ios devices. You can manage tokens and all previous sent messages in the backend. Tokens are used to send push notification via google cloud messaging.

How it Works

Go to ‘New Notification’ page and choose device and send the message.

You can view your all previously sent messages on ‘Manage Notifications’ page.

How to Configure

You just need ‘Google Console API Key’ to send push notification on android device. And IOS Certificate and Passphrase for the IOS notifications.

How to Save Tokens sent by Mobile App

We have made it super easy to save tokens in the WordPress backend and you can manage them easily. You just need to send a POST/GET request with 3 parameters – token, device and skey.

Integrate on existing Android & IOS Apps

If you have implemented push notification already in your mobile and have tokens saved somewhere else, you can use import tool to import all tokens (Registration IDS) in the plugin.

Introducing Support Desk

We at flippercode are committed to providing excellent support to ensure you’re getting the most value from your purchase. We’re happy to announce Support Desk for our valuable customer to engaged with multiple support desk personnel to provide quick solutions to your problems.

Support Desk


Download WP Push Notifications Pro (WordPress)

- WP Push Notifications Pro (WordPress) Download
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