Appointment Management System – NodAPS (Calendars) Download

Online Appointment Management’s System

  • Multilingual
  • Easy to use

What is an Appointment system?

An appointment system is a utility that helps you easier manage your appointments.

Why NodAPS ?

NodAPS help you mange your appointments more easier, because it’s an online application with a good functionality and practical.

You and your customer can use it with any device, at any time in any language.

What are the NodAPS applications?

If you are a service provider that need an appointment, this system can be the best choice for your convenience.

Some NodAPS usage examples:


  • Academic advice
  • Business Consulting
  • Immigration Advice
  • Lawyer

Beauty Shop

  • Psychoanalyst
  • Psychiatrist
  • Physiotherapy
  • Makeup Artist
  • Solarium


  • Massage
  • Restaurant
  • Cafe
  • Cashmere
  • pool


  • Private teachers
  • Sports teachers
  • Music teachers
  • Tennis Coach
  • Swimming coach


  • Customizable weekly schedule for each service
  • Disable holidays from work program
  • Add unlimited languages to the system
  • Edit all translated texts
  • Send notifications to admin and customer
  • Compatible with tablets and smartphones
  • Add custom fields for application form
  • Easy to manage appointments
  • Edit time and date with drag & drop on calendar
  • Highlight appointments with four colors
  • Appointment’s statistics
  • Archive for successful appointments
  • Search in appointments
  • Make unlimited admin’s account

Try NodAPS Live

Your customer side

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Admin side

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Technical Information

Open-Source NodAPS made with PHP and popular Codeigniter framework, always develop and has support.

Using the MVC method in this system and being an open source system make it easy to understand and develop for other programmers and developers.

By a quick change, NodAPS can be a complete website, because it has many in common with NodCMS.


Download Appointment Management System – NodAPS (Calendars)

- Appointment Management System – NodAPS (Calendars) Download
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