Author Wallet and Statistics (Miscellaneous) Download

If you are an Envato author on ANY of the Envato markets such as AudioJungle, ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, VideoHive, GraphicRiver, PhotoDune or 3dOcean, then this web-app is for you.

We developed a friendly web-app using Envato’s own API (a set of functions that displays statistics and informations for Envato users) so all authors can benefit of premium features and statistics that Envato provides.

What’s this web-app about?

  • You want to see your balance at a glance on your phone without the need to login to your Envato dashboard ?
  • You want to see if you have new sales or if new users followed you ?
  • You want to get phone notifications whenever you’ve got a new item sold and more ?

What you need to install it

  • All you need is a simple folder on your web-server. No MySql database needed.
  • Just create a simple folder like “wallet” and extract the .ZIP files there, and you’re ready to go.
  • Our whole app functions with a “token” which you will get from Envato (we’ll guide you how), only once, which will tell them that actually it is YOU
    that asks for data from their servers. That’s how our app displays your infos for you.

  • Frontpage displays your balance, last 12 months figures (sales / earnings), new followers and few extra statistics
  • We built a PHP script that sends you email notifications whenever you get a new sale
  • Back-end of the website displays complex statistics, graphs and informations on your sales
  • 100% responsive : you can safely view our web-app on any mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop monitor
  • This web application is only displaying stuff from Envato, you cannot edit anything from it, so it’s 100% safe, because of the way Envato API (which we use) works

  • Frontpage (no pass required)
  • displays balance
  • displays last sale
  • displays last 12 months figures (sales / earnings)
  • displays new followers
  • displays average stats on the last 12 months
  • displays your badges
  • you have options in Settings to choose which from these above you display on your frontpage
  • Back-end (password login required)
  • General info
    • calendar, current date and time
    • current earnings
    • new sales today
    • last 10 sales with earnings and country
    • your current badges
    • total sales and followers
    • no. of items on all markets
  • Accounting
    • sales figures (on year or month)
    • earnings figures (on year or month)
    • graphic charts
    • money made by country and city in earnings order
    • average statistics on the selected period
  • Sales
    • detailed, listing or minimal view of your own sales
    • nice custom audio player on your AudioJungle items
    • detailed information on each item sold
    • description and tags for each items
  • Statements
    • all statement information
    • filter by statement type (author fee, sale, withdrawal requests etc)
  • Collections
    • displays your organized collections
    • detailed, listing or minimal views
  • Alert by mail
    • Displays current timezone set
    • Displays status of email notification
    • Displays frequency of script checking
    • Displays command line for script checking
    • Displays last item sold
  • Settings
    • frontpage items customisation (active / inactive)
    • 9 different color themes for frontpage
    • 55 different background tiles for frontpage
    • 16 different nuances of colors for your graphic charts
    • set your preffered type of listing for sales and collections (grid, listing, minimal)
    • mail notifier options
  • Documentation
    • detailed instructions to get your app up and running
    • how to get a token and set it for your web-app
    • how to set up email notifier (cPanel)
    • how to set up email notifier (Plesk)
  • This web-app is 100% mobile friendly / responsive, has been tested on 97% phone resolutions out there, from 240×320 to really big
  • phones available in 2017. It also works great on tablets, laptops and desktop monitors, because it was built with responsive scaling in mind.

  • It works in all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 11.

Version 1.1

  • First approved version, on 30th of june, 2017

I started working on this web-app 3 years ago, for my personal use. It’s great to have a place on your website that you can check on your mobile phone (or any computer when you’re away),
and see your balance or any new sales you have.

In time, email notifications function became a reality, and since Gmail has an app for Android and iOS, anyone can always get notifications on their phone, anytime, anywhere.

Last but not least, we thought that more Envato authors would benefit of this and more functions were built in the back-end of the website,
where you can get more detailed infos about your sales, statements, accounting, graphs of your money on certain periods of time, etc.

This is version 1.1 that we’re launching in this format. We will continue to work on future versions, adding more features
(as Envato will bring more functions to their API).



Download Author Wallet and Statistics (Miscellaneous)

- Author Wallet and Statistics (Miscellaneous) Download
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