Button Generator (Images and Media) Download

The Nathan Button Generator allows you to create customizable button from Bootstrap Glyphicon Components and downloadable button, work in localhost or web hosting (IPV6 version).

Features include:

  • Choose any Bootstrap Glyphicon Components with icon picker
  • Customize button text
  • Customize button color
  • Customize icon size, and
  • Downloadable button (in the IPV6 version)

bGenerator Class

This class allows to print Bootstrap Glyphicon Components and text over a created image. It requires Glyphicons Unicode HTML Entites and glyphicons-halflings-regular.ttf.

The resulting image will be show on PNG, and saved the works in ”./imgs” folder.


Adding the class

require_once ’./Class.bGenerator.php’;

Creating the object

$img = new bGenerator($UniHex, $text, $tcolor, $bsize, $bcolor);

Showing and saving the image



Download Button Generator (Images and Media)

- Button Generator (Images and Media) Download
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