Noble Slider – Responsive jQuery Image Gallery (Sliders) Download

Noble Slider allows you to create your own professional slider, responsive layout and touch support for mobile devices. It’s focused on performance, stability, accessibility to providing best experience for use with any device.


  • Noble slider is elastic for all screen sizes.
  • Touch-swipe navigation enabled (ability to disable).
  • YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5 videos in slides.
  • Deep-linking – link to specific slide from URL.
  • Full-screen mode. Ability to enable|disable large images in fullscreen mode.
  • Slide or Fade transition for slides.
  • Lazy Loading – loads nearby images in background, so users don’t need to wait each time and images are available instantly.
  • The slide orientation can be set to vertical or horizontal. Also you can control the position of thumbnails to: right, left, top, bottom.
  • Slider can be put inside a popup.
  • Any HTML content can be placed inside slide.
  • Adjust slider dimensions – you can configure dimension of slider depending by screen sizes.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts – It’s possible to navigate through slides using the keyboard. (right, left, up, down).
  • Enforce Slider Dimension – you can set to expand slider automatically by window height or window width.
    Compatible with all major browsers (including IE7 to IE9, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera)
  • Customizable interface (add/remove arrows, pagination, thumbnails).
  • Slides spacing is customizable.
  • Callbacks (go to slide, autoplay, video stop, video play e.t.c.).
  • Custom scale mode for all layers depending on screen size.
  • and so much more modern features like panorama (panorama in full screen mode), parallax, ability to pull down/up to close the popup, sliding by finger speed .. etc. The description will be completed soon.



  • New options

_LOAD_ALL_IMAGES: false (ability to load all images at initialize the slider. Recommended for small galleries.)

  • Templates modified

+ Modified design of video template

+ Modified design of slide + fade template

  • Fixed Bugs

+ Fixed fast sliding issue


  • New options

_TOUCH_SWIPE_SPEED_RATIO: 0.6458 (posibility to manage touch swipe speed, from slower to faster or vice versa)

  • New features

+ When slider is toggle to fullscreen mode and large images are loading, on center of screen appear loading icon. When image is loaded is shown by fadeIn effect.

+ Now the thumbnails sliding by finger speed.

+ Improved functionality of touch swipe

+ The lag degree has been reduced about 90% (it can appear sometimes but it depends much on the content of the slider, we still work to remove it completely).

  • Fixed Bugs

+ Fixed issue in iOS by pressing on thumbnail you have cast to another.

+ Fixed arrows navigation, also fixed thumbnail’s arrows navigation.


Download Noble Slider – Responsive jQuery Image Gallery (Sliders)

- Noble Slider – Responsive jQuery Image Gallery (Sliders) Download
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