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Script / App Information

Share Photo To Unlock is a content locker.

You offer a reward to users like a coupon or access to an exclusive content in your website. But you place the condition that they they can get the reward only when they share/post a photo to their Facebook timeline.

Share Photo To Unlock helps you to implement the idea. It locks the reward on your page and users can unlock it only when they share or post a photo to Facebook.

The photo can be any predefined photo(a url pointing to a photo) and/or a photo from your Facebook Page.

  1. In case of a predefined photo, a user posts the photo to his profile. An option also exists to ask the user to tag some of his friends.
  2. In case of a photo from a Facebook Page, the user shares the photo. The share count of the original photo in Facebook will also increase.

On a successful unlock, it also saves the user information such as Name, Email and Facebook Id in a Google Spreadsheet.

The app is compliant with Facebook’s Platform Policies.


  1. You’ll first go through an installation PHP script that will create a Google Spreadsheet. All user information will be saved to this Spreadsheet.
  2. The app’s user interface will be rendered on your webpage through a jQuery plugin. You can pass a veriety of options to the plugin according to your need.
  3. Depending on the options used, the user interface will be rendered. For example if posting photo is enabled, and tagging friends is also enabled : The user will see the list of his friends. He can choose which friends to tag.

jQuery Plugin Options

All these options can be enabled/disabled :

  1. Post a photo. Ask the user to tag a specified no of friends.
  2. Share a photo from your Facebook Page [ Rather any photo of Facebook with public viewability ].
  3. Captions on the locker & buttons.
  4. Save user information.
  5. Lock a section of your page.
  6. Redirect user to a different page after unlock.
  7. Unique Id for each locker to remember users.
  8. Support mobile devices.

A few examples showing how the options can be used :

  1. You can ask the user to post a predefined photo or share your Facebook Page’s photo to unlock content.
  2. You can just ask the user to share your Facebook Page’s photo to unlock.
  3. You show the locker but you don’t want to save user information.
  4. You ask the user to post a photo, but do not ask him to tag friends.
  5. You want the user to redirect to a different page after he unlocks.

Compliancy with Facebook Platform Policies

  1. The user is shown the photo before he decides to post/share it.
  2. No predefined caption is posted along with the photo. The user will be presented with an empty textbox. It is left to the user whether he wants to add a caption.
  3. Regarding tagging of friends, Platform Policy says “Photo tags must be authentic and represent the person being tagged. For example, you may not tag a flower as Johnny Smith”

    But the app here is not taggging any user by itself. The user is shown the list of his friends and it is the user who chooses which of his friends to tag.

    Tagging is a viral behaviour. If you feel that tagging can be risky for you, you should disable the tagging option.

Mobile Support

  1. UI is responsive.
  2. There are 2 options to unlock content – Sharing a Facebook Page Photo & Posting a Predefined Photo.

    Due to restrictions in Facebook Api, Sharing a Facebook Page Photo option does not work perfectly in mobile browsers. On detecting a mobile, the plugin automatically disables this option.

    Posting Photo(and tagging friends) option works perfectly in mobile browsers.

    The app has been tested on Android Browser & iOS Safari Browser.

Download Share Photo To Unlock – Facebook Marketing Script (Social Networking)

- Share Photo To Unlock – Facebook Marketing Script (Social Networking) Download
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