WP Media Folders (Media) Download

WP Media Folders

WP Media Folders is powerful WordPress plugin for organizing thousands of files into handy folders hierarchy. It turns Media Library into high quality WordPress File Manager that works similar to your PC’s file explorer.


Uploading Nested Folders

Drag&Drop nested folders with tons of files
from your PC directly to WordPress Media Library by one click.


3rd Party Compatible

Compatible with WooCommerce, Visual Composer, Divi Builder,
any Themes, any other plugins that use default “Add Media” dialog.


Count of Files in Folders

See count of files that displays a real files count
inside the folder and all sub-folders in it with any depth.


Moving Folders & Files

Drag&Drop selected folders and files between
different folders using folders tree or folders explorer with no effort.


Creating Folder

You can create new folder using “Add Folder” button
using folders tree at the left or folders list above files list.


Renaming Folder

You can rename folder inline using pen icon
that appears when your mouse cursor slides over the folder.


Deleting Folders

You can delete folder using dustbin icon over the folder.
It automatically removes all nested folders and files. Be careful!


Regenerating Thumbnails

You can regenerate selected thumbnails using
Bulk actions. It automatically regenerates thumbnails for all nested files.



Download WP Media Folders (Media)

- WP Media Folders (Media) Download
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